• Klinch-Pak Tools & Carton Staplers (Box Staplers)

    Durable pneumatic box staplers designed for closing the top of carton/boxes in high volume applications.  Adjustable to accomodate a range of corrugate thickness.  Models available for C, A, and SW Type Staples.

  • Klinch-Pak Manual Top Stick Staplers

    Manual box staplers designed for closing the top of boxes in low volume applications. No compressor needed.  Tools for C, A and SW type staples. 

  • Klinch-Pak Pneumatic Manual Bottom and Side Arm Staplers

    Klinch-Pak bottom and side staplers used for closing the bottom of boxes, creating trays and or lids.  Pneumatic and manual options available.  Tools offered for C, A, and SW series staples.

  • Klinch-Pak Pneumatic Plier Staplers

    Klinch-Pak pneumatic plier stapler for packaging applications such as creating trays, end stapling, securing caps, header cards, mailers, displays, and gaylord bins.

  • Klinch-Pak Jumbo Tools

    Pneumatic staplers used to close double or tri wall corrugate boxes.


    • Magazine capacity holds 100 staples
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Depth of clinch and penetration adjustable
    • Designed for Tri-wall corrugate

  • Klinch-Pak High Load Bench Mounted Carton Stapling Unit

    High capacity bench mounted roll stapler.  Touch trip accuated.  Multiple tools can be mounted in a row.


    • High Load Staple Capacity
    • Touch Trip Actuator
    • Height Adjustability